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What Do All Those Letters Mean??

Here is the secret code for that mysterious shorthand on therapy sites.

Associate– LPCs and LMFTs begin their careers as Associates, working with an experienced supervisor.

LCDC– Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors  focus on substance abuse.

LCSW– Licensed Clinical Social Workers look at interactions between individuals, families, and community. Social workers are the only license that can use Medicare to cover therapy. Crazy but true.

LMFT– Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists focused on family during their studies but are not limited to this.

LPC– Licensed Professional Counselors cover a range of issues. You can ask an LPC about their specialty.

Psychologist or Psychiatrist? A psychologist does assessments and testing to identify issues to put a plan together. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who prescribes medicine.

Licensed– Some occupations are regulated by the state. The state has requirements for school, experience, and practice to use any of these titles. State boards monitor compliance so you can be assured of the skills and knowledge of licensed professionals.

BHEC- The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council monitors Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, and Psychologists.


From the link you can find details on individuals and what each license covers.