What do all those letters mean??

Here is the secret code to understand some of the mysterious shorthand on these therapy sites.

LCDCLicensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. This person focuses on issues related to substance abuse and chemical dependency.

LCSWLicensed Clinical Social Worker. Social workers cover a broad range of human interactions from individuals, to families to community organizations. They are qualified to provide therapy. Of these four licenses described here, social workers are the only licenses that can use Medicare to cover their services. Crazy but true.

LMFTLicensed Marriage & Family Therapist. LMFTs had an emphasis on family during their studies but are not limited to this.

LPCLicensed Professional Counselor. LPCs cover a range of issues and clients. LPCs may have specific areas of expertise based on study and experience.

Psychologist or Psychiatrist? A psychologist does evaluations, assessments, and testing, usually to help identify issues and to help put a plan together to reach a goal. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who focuses on medication management.

Licensed– Certain occupations are regulated by the state. The state describes minimum requirements for school, experience, and practice in order for a person to use any of these professional titles. On-going education is required to maintain the license. State boards monitor compliance to offer the public assurance of the skills and knowledge of each licensed professional.

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