Anger management problems

Angry tearWhen I hear that someone has anger management problems I ask some questions. I ask about sleep, concentration, enjoyment, eating habits. So often the observable anger gets all the attention because it affects others. These other areas typically don’t.  

I ask about these other things because they are all related to depression. Depression isn’t just sadness but several things that are out of balance. Situational depression can be caused by an event, like a sudden hardship or loss. Clinical depression is when our system is out of balance. We might be more prone to depression as we age or if we have a family history of depression. Sometimes a tough situation might bring our clinical depression out of the shadows.

Focusing solely on the anger is like focusing on the alarm and ignoring the fire. I look at the complete person rather than just the complaint. Contact me if you have questions about symptoms that may be an indication of something else.

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