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What Are Therapist Associates and What Can They Do?

Therapists and counselors are licensed in Texas by the state to insure the public’s benefit. An Associate has a master’s or doctorate degree. They passed the state board showing their knowledge related to practice, everything in human life from conception to death. 

Associates begin their careers with an internship period. The Associate works under an experienced therapist for up to five years. These years of practice help them connect theories and people. They learn more about themselves as humans and therapists. 

I supervise Associates for both Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists. I stress the balance between being human and being a clinical practitioner. Sometimes these roles overlap neatly and other times they may seem in conflict. Each Associate is an individual with their own personal experiences and motivations. I help them identify these traits and the settings where they can excel in this career. 

Associates can work with you in the office or through telehealth. I match Associates’ strengths with your needs. I encourage Associates to counsel at reduced rates as a way to recognize they are also benefiting from the Client-Associate interaction. Associates can be contacted at the Other Professionals tab.