Casa Linda Wellness Associates

Several independent professionals work in this office. Each of us have a different background and clinical focus. Maybe one person stands out as someone who will be a good match for you and your needs.


M Robin McLennan, LAc Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified in Oriental Medicine

I am a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Medical herbalist practicing since 1997. I  offer a gentle effective care to treat pain, allergies, autoimmune issues and other dysfunctions. I use acupuncture, Shonishin- a gentle type of insertion-free Japanese acupuncture for kids, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese dietary therapy and lifestyle counseling, and Chinese and western massage techniques to treat disease allowing patients to get rid of pain and enjoy life.

I treat conditions such as acute or chronic pain, migraines, allergies, digestive disorders, anxiety, stress, and women’s reproductive disorders such as PMS and menopausal issues. My advanced training in pediatric acupuncture allows me to help children with conditions like eczema, ADHD, sensory dysfunction, allergies, stress, and sleep problems. You will love how you feel after acupuncture. 214-697-1089  

Educational Testing & Diagnosis

Carla M Proctor, PhD
Educational Diagnostician

All Therapists and Associates provide affordable telehealth sessions

Rachel Burleson, LPC-Associate

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Stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma may leave us feeling lost and overwhelmed. We may feel that we are selfish to put our own needs and feelings before others, making it difficult to move forward in life. I am here to help! I work with adolescents and adults to identify negative feelings, thoughts and behaviors and replace them with healthy, positive habits. We will develop an individual plan to identify strengths, talents and goals and to overcome obstacles. This may include active talk therapy along with physical movement, mindfulness training and wellness coaching. Change can be scary and uncomfortable. I am here to help work through the discomfort and offer a safe, welcoming and accepting environment.  469-629-6256

Britton Elliott, MEd, Licensed Professional Counselor

I serve teens and young adults who are dealing with the stress and pressure that comes from academic issues and school environments. I help my clients manage their time and create healthy habits to maintain a sense of balance. I teach my clients how to break down their large goals into small, achievable steps to reduce overwhelming feelings and create a sense of accomplishment. If your teen is struggling, I can help!

It is my mission to guide my clients quickly to solutions, assist my clients in creating realistic and attainable goals, and to support my clients as they work towards accomplishing the goals they set. If your teen is struggling, I can help!

I offer convenient after-school and weekend appointments and affordable self-pay rates.


Melba Grace, good dog

 Melba was an out-of-work dog living at the shelter. We imagine she had seen better times and she was thrilled to find  meaning to her life when she joined the team.  Melba is a great example of finally getting what most of us want. A consistent environment. Safety. Feeling like we belong.

She enjoys meeting people at her office as long as it’s not too early. 


Hannah McCasland, LPC-Associate 
Life can give us some mountains to climb, and sometimes we need help to guide through those mountains. We as counselors may not have all the answers for your current problems, but we can definitely tell you that you are not alone in the human experience. As a therapist, I can help you pave your way towards healing and wholeness. We can use a person centered approach to your life and see what works for you.
As an Associate, I like to work with a variety of clients in a variety of subjects. Some of the specialties I have are depression, anxiety, and substance use in both adults and teenagers. I also specialize in LGBTQA+ issues.
Travis Moore, License Professional Counselor


Teenagers and young adults face a lot of difficult challenges as they transition into the “real world”. I assist clients in cultivating mindfulness and self confidence so they can navigate this turbulent time of their life with a positive outlook.

I take an eclectic and integrative approach to therapy and I often try to incorporate forms of outdoor experiential therapy, and fly fishing into my practice.



Rachel Scales, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


My specialty is working with couples, families, and individuals who are coping with chronic mental health issues. It is my goal to help clients understand their diagnosis, set goals of what coping looks like, and establish a strong and healthy support system. I also focus on healthy living skills, which entails balancing social and emotional well-being.  My belief as a therapist is for each client to see steps of progression leading towards their obtainable goals.

My approach to therapy is tailored to the individual/individuals in the room.  Each family has unique stories that should be treated in a delicate manner.  I am committed to listening, learning, and helping. I am welcoming new clients and my availability is Monday-Friday evenings, Saturdays & Sundays flexible hours.


John Whaley, LPC-Associate

I work with adults of all ages, who find themselves depressed or anxious or worried about their careers during these troubled times. I can provide insights that will help you lead a more fulfilled life, and together we can develop strategies for achieving your goals.I am a new but older therapist familiar with life’s challenges. I can offer life experience and professional training to make a positive difference for you. 

Louis Whatley, LPC-S, Licensed Professional Counselor

I offer services for individuals, adolescents and couples struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, addictions such as alcohol, drugs and pornography, social anxiety and phobias, along with men’s issues such as anger, stress, job dissatisfaction, life skills, marital issues and couple’s therapy. I also conduct sessions with adolescents who struggle with self-harm including body-image issues and cutting. In addition, I also conduct life coaching session for individuals who want a better understanding and direction for their lives. Life sucks sometimes, but it doesn’t have to.

I emphasize a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere of safety where understanding is critical to success in therapy and the desire of change.With the inclusion of mind, body and spirit, my clients count on me to provide an honest and direct professional appraisal of their specific situations for which they are seeking change and to offer realistic, holistic and sometimes challenging guidance with insightful feedback.

(214) 957-6866

Joyce McKinley, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist

Are you feeling stressed, problems communicating, or emotionally disconnected? Do you have frequent moments of sadness, frustration, or constantly struggling to get through each day? I can help you by providing a safe non-judgmental space for you to gain awareness, increase self-worth, build relationship skills, and work with you to decrease feelings of anxiety or depression.

 I use a collaborative approach to therapy, which means I will work with you to create a plan to reach your individual goals, engaging and developing the whole person. I love working with couples, individuals, and families. Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available.

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