Man Therapy. Therapy for Men. For real.

Man Therapy began as a public service project to help reach men needing a hand. Most of us men know about a lot of things but we know more about what goes on under the hood of the car than we know what’s going on in our own heads. The Man Therapy approach was designed to fix that and fixing things is what men do.

I’m going to assume no women are reading this, just us men.

We know we have thoughts about stuff, not just opinions but thinking about things. Sometimes those thoughts lead to having feelings, some might even say we have emotions. There- I said it.

Men have beliefs, feelings, preferences. We probably had these since we were kids but we were sold the idea this stuff is for wimps. The only good emotion is a suppressed emotion.  Reeling in your emotions can help you focus and get you through the toughest of times but that’s for short term use only. Keeping a lid on them is like driving around with the park brake on.

Man Therapy is just a way to get your head back to factory specs.

Give us a call. Ask to talk to one of the men here.