Does it still fit?

Growing childWhen our son was a growing child we began each morning holding up clothes saying, “Does this still fit?” 

Predictability and consistency help reduce our anxiety.  We like to keep the surprises to a minimum and get through our day, same as before. All that works out fine as long as it still fits. How do we know when things no longer fit us? 

Clients sometimes wonder if they should continue with a job, a situation, or a partner but they don’t know how to accurately assess this. Unlike a child’s shirt, there are no tags to check when we have these sorts of questions but situations can still be measured.  I brainstorm with clients to determine the meanings attached to events and people. We then can compare current needs with what they currently have. Sometimes a little alteration is required for continued use. Other times, things need to be let go because they can’t be altered or it’s so out of style something different would just be so much easier.

Our urge is often to hold on even tighter when we see change occurring but that is the very time we should be loosening our grip.

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