What is anxiety?

In broad terms, anxiety is feeling that something isn’t quiet right. People describe the feelings, the shortness of breath or something in their body, that says a bad thing is about to happen. Anything from an annoying thought to a panic attack. The root could be many things. Unpaid bills you can’t push out of… Continue reading What is anxiety?

Better communication

The most common complaint I hear from couples is they don’t communicate well. Often the words make sense to me but I suspect those words are loaded with all sorts of meaning, not all of it happy. Communication can become distorted while being shared. Assumed meanings are not said aloud so they never reach the… Continue reading Better communication

What do all those letters mean??

Here is the secret code for that mysterious shorthand on therapy sites. Associate– LPCs and LMFTs begin their careers as Associates, working with an experienced supervisor. LCDC– Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors  focus on substance abuse. LCSW– Licensed Clinical Social Workers look at interactions between individuals, families, and community. Social workers are the only license that… Continue reading What do all those letters mean??

Anger management problems

When I hear that someone has anger management problems I ask some questions. I ask about sleep, concentration, enjoyment, eating habits. The observable anger gets all the attention because it affects others. These other areas seem unrelated. I ask about these other things because they are all related to depression. Depression isn’t just sadness but… Continue reading Anger management problems

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Does it still fit?

When our son was a growing child we began each morning holding up clothes saying, “Does this still fit?”  We like to keep the surprises to a minimum and get through our day, same as before. All that works out fine as long as it still fits. How do we know when things no longer… Continue reading Does it still fit?

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What are Therapist Associates and what can they do?

Therapists and counselors are licensed in Texas by the state to insure the public’s benefit. An Associate has a master’s or doctorate degree. They passed the state board showing their knowledge related to practice, everything in human life from conception to death. Associates begin their careers with an internship period. The Associate works under an… Continue reading What are Therapist Associates and what can they do?

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Improving Behavior – Think shaping, not Discipline

“We’ve run out of ideas for punishment.”  “What ideas do you have for discipline?” This lets me know there is some room for clarity and creativity. Punishment and discipline are not goals. The goal is most likely New and Improved Behaviors.  Let’s consider ways to shape behaviors instead. Shaping is a step-by-shape method of re-patterning behaviors.… Continue reading Improving Behavior – Think shaping, not Discipline

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